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Match 2 x 6,5″ basser

1,398.00 kr

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6,5″ (165mm) bass med støpt chassis av aluminium
Spesialdesignet for bruk med Match sine Plug and Play forsterkere
Optimalisert for små (ca 15 liter for 1 par) bassrefleks kasse
Impedans 2 x 2 ohm
Monteringsdybde 80mm
Monteringshull 134mm
Extremely stiff, hand-scooped paper cones
High-temperature resistant voice coils with large winding heights
Double ventilated voice-coils for minimum compression effects
Powerful magnets for compact-sized vented enclosures
Optimized for the perfect interaction with MATCH Plug & Play amplifiers
Connection terminal for MATCH subwoofer cable (PP-SC) included in delivery
Vented box
Net volume 15 L
Port diameter ø 70 mm / 2.76″
Port area 38 cm²
Port length 20 cm / 7.87″

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