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Isoovergang med bryter og diodeskiller

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Ledningsnett til for eks bobil der en vil ha en ekstra bryter på bilradio

ISO extension harness with switch on 80cm extension for manually switching on radio without having the vehicles ignition on. Commonly used on camper vans and motor homes to be able to listen to the radio when parked without having to have the ignition on or engine running.

Suitable for vehicles with a permanent 12v feed to the radio using standard ISO connections.

ISO extension measures 20cm and extension for rocker switch measures 80cm with I/O markings on rocker switch as pictured.

A blocking diode prevents continuous current being fed back into the vehicles electrical system.

The switch needs a 20mm hole to fit and a minimum mounting depth of 38mm

WARNING: Running the radio without the engine to charge the battery by the alternator or running or an external battery charger will discharge the battery.

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