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Ground Zero dempematte

1,190.00 kr

Multilayer, non-inflammable damping material consisting of an adhesive polymer layer based on elastomeric composition, protected with an anti-adhesive paper and a top layer of nonwoven textile. To be used for soundinsulating coating in vehicles reducing noise and vibration. This way, the music reproduction gains clarity and accuracy drastically over a wide frequency range.
Dempematte med overflate av tekstil
7 stk 3,0mm matter på 35 x 57cm = 1.4m²
Teknisk info:
Total thickness 3.0 mm / 0.12″ (+/- 0.3 mm)
Specific weight 6 kg/m²
Operating temperature -45° to 100° C
Surface layer bond strength min. 2.0 N/cm²
Noise insulation index >30 dB (100 – 3150 Hz)
Dimensions (sheet) 350 x 570 mm
Package content 7 sheets

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